Domestic Violence Program

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25-28-Week Educational Program


Referrals for Substance Use Disorders Assessments, and Education

What is harmful behavior? Any intentional or unintentional behavior, which hinders, hurts or creates fear in any individual.

What can anger management and/or  domestic violence education prevent?


Harmful behaviors, reduction in recidivism, and encouragement of community-focused behavioral changes provide group members the freedom to become sustainable, future-successful individuals and family members.

Here, you will be treated with respect. We believe in developing rapport, and encourage consistent accountability standards.


We also believe in the saying: Trust, but Verify.

 Client Reviews:

"Pamela saved my life. I joined her group at the lowest point of my life. I had no confidence and thoughts that everyone around me would be better off if I was dead. Through her course I believe in myself and my ability to change. I learned the things I did wrong, and have started repairing some of the damage I have done. Pamela and the group are my angels I was looking for in a very dark time. Instead of not wanting a future, I am now excited for it." ~Mike T
"Ten times out of ten, I'd recommend Pam's program to anyone who wants to change their life. It helps you think, and thinking is what helps you stay out of trouble." BM

"I'm so thankful and honored to have your knowledge and insight in my life at this moment of it. I never stopped to think of ALL the buts I have used as roadblocks in my life. Its incredible to think of just that one word! And the impact it has not just on ourselves, but the ripples it creates to others also. Another thing that really touched me was hearing how we are not supposed to live an easy life, we're meant to create our life. Thank you for not just touching my brain, but also my heart, Pamela. The one thing I can truly say I"m grateful for getting on probation because I met you and can gain your knowledge and positivity, it's an inspiration. You've truly found your calling in life, and I'm determined to catch hold tight to that spark!" Thank you, Donavan
  • What Counts as Violence?

  • Effects of Violence on Children, Woman, and Society.

  • Improve Relationships

  • Reduce Negative Self Talk

  • Take Control of Your Choices

  • Find Support in a group setting to maintain a non-violent life

  • STOP program: Domestic Violence Assessments, and Educational Program

  • Develop Goals

  • Anger Management

  • Life Coaching

  • Responsible Fathers and Mothers

  • Woman's Trauma focused Anger Management using the STOP program. 


812 S. Fisk St. Suites #203/204 Green Bay, Wisconsin

1-(920)-404-4638 Text or call. 



Monday: 2-8 PM

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11 AM-8:00 PM 

Fridays By appointment only.

Saturdays By appointment only

Virtual Groups:

Wednesday Groups: 6-8 PM 

Tuesday evenings 6-8 PM

Thursday evenings 5-7 PM

Your message will be returned promptly within 24 hours.

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Catch the Spark For a Brighter Future

Woman's Anger Management and/or  Domestic Violence Education available.  Call or text 920-404-4638

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