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Our Domestic Violence and Anger Management Specialist is Pamela... 

Pamela Nikodem, MSED., LPC-T, SAC-T, CAMS-II is certified for domestic violence education, a court approved WBTPA organization, and certified NAMA anger management. 

Advanced Behavioral Changes, LLC is  court certified for DV Treatment across Wisconsin.

Director of Services,
Chair Elect for the WBTPA, Lead Facilitator, Therapist-T and Certified Life & Relationship Coach


Pamela Nikodem, MSED. LPC-T,  SAC-T, CAMS-I holds a Masters in Licensed Professional Counseling from Concordia University. Her Bachelors was in Psychology with a minor in Addiction Studies, and she has worked in the Domestic Violence field for over 8.5 years. She immersed herself in the nuances of interpersonal violence throughout her Master's educational program. She co-authored a 229 page workbook used at New Community Shelter with her husband, an AODA counselor, Lawrence Nikodem, CSAC. 

Pamela's passion is to help people grow and change their lives. It  continues to motivate her to improve and personally grow every single day.


Pamela is trained and certified for trauma-informed family treatment, trauma-informed individual treatment, and her specialty: Life and Relationship coaching for individuals/groups. 


Her internship at Roger's Behavioral Health gave her a deeper understanding of the struggle between substance use disorders and mental health. As she excelled in creating and demonstrating skilled knowledge in tele-health, she used the tools and concepts to increase the potential for successful group programming during a difficult time, as we now experience with COVID-19. 


Our AODA Counselor for those who need assessments/education for addiction, substance use problems please see: 


Referrals are
Made to A Better
Future Counseling Services, LLC, just down the hallway for any AODA, Court related services.

Here is his website:

Lawrence R. Nikodem, B.A. CSAC, CAMS-II

Alcohol and other Drug Counseling

Lawrence has been a clinician in the profession of human services for over 36 years. His work included consulting and providing clinical Substance Use Disorder services to various school districts. He has provided clinical services to several law enforcement agencies related to crisis interventions and post-trauma debriefing services

Lawrence also works with practicing Defense Attorneys in the Brown County, Door County, and the Fox Valley area as well as Private Investigators in the State of Wisconsin. Lawrence is considered an expert witness for the Public Defender's office in the State of Wisconsin.


In addition, he provides clinical assessments and consultation for the Point-Beach Nuclear Plant & Employee Assistance Providers in the Green Bay and Manitowoc metropolitan areas.

It is our hope to bring a Zoom Relapse Prevention group to the community soon. 


For Holistic Health See:

Janice Teddy, MFT-I, Holistic Therapist, Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor.  


Janice is a Marriage & Family Therapist-Intern, continuing education as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the San Antonio area.  She also holds a focus with a Military family speciality.

She brings to our agency a wealth of knowledge on relationships as well assisting victims of domestic violence. Her natural approach and empathic heart helps her engage with individuals. Assisting with virtual groups as well as offering feedback and support to clients at ABC, LLC. 


About Holistic Healing


Námaste! Welcome to Holistic Healing! Janice is an Ordained Spiritual Humanistic Counselor and Life Coach.  


 For energy/Reiki healing Please feel free to contact her for assistance at 


NOTE: Holistic Healing does not replace your doctor's medical advice. Holistic Healing makes the intention to offer alternative therapies to compliment your daily medical needs. The information and tools can provide further guidance the participant in their quest for spiritual, emotional, mental growth and physical well-being.

Catch the Spark for a

Brighter Future.



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